INSTEON Wireless Thermostat 2441ZTH

$ 79.99


  • Use as a stand-alone INSTEON temperature and/or humidity controller
  • Use as a wireless sensor and controller of the INSTEON Thermostat
  • Use with I/O Lincs as a wireless thermostat (especially helpful if you have fewer than 4 wires going to your existing thermostat)
  • Make the temperature comfortable where you are
  • Battery-powered.  Also available with optional AC power supply (see drop down menu when ordering).
  • Add the remote temperature sensor to monitor fish tanks, pools, spa, etc.

Essential Info

Place a thermostat anywhere you want with the INSTEON Wireless Thermostat linked to your INSTEON Thermostat. Put it in the master bedroom, in the basement, in the guest room--anywhere you want room-specific, customized temperature control. You can add up to two INSTEON Wireless Thermostats to your INSTEON Thermostat. Additionally, you can use INSTEON Wireless Thermostat as a standalone controller, activating scenes to turn on heaters and fans based on the room's temperature and/or humidity status. The INSTEON Wireless Thermostat also works like a standard thermostat with local control, four automatic modes and 1-day programmable settings, so there's no hassles with training your family on how to use it. In addition to remote control, program the thermostat as an INSTEON controller to activate other appliances in your home based on temperature, humidity or mode changes. Here are just a few of the limitless scenarios:

  • When the A/C kicks in, turn on your ceiling fans to help cool down your home faster and more efficiently
  • Add INSTEON-compatible automation controller and receive text messages if the temperature or humidity drops above or below your defined safe levels
  • If the humidity level climbs too high, turn on a dehumidifier with an ApplianceLinc*
  • Program a daily "Return" mode that turns on your A/C and switches on your outside lights so you come home to a relaxing, welcoming house *You must have an INSTEON dual-band device or Access Point installed for INSTEON Wireless Thermostat to communicate with single-band INSTEON devices.

Increase INSTEON Wireless Thermostat's utility by attaching a Waterproof Temperature Sensor. This weather-resistant external sensor wires into INSTEON Wireless Thermostat and allows you to monitor the temperature of environments such as pools, spas, aquariums and ponds.    


More Info

You can link up to two INSTEON Wireless Thermostats to INSTEON Thermostat, allowing you to control the HVAC system from anywhere in the house. When linked to an INSTEON Thermostat, INSTEON Wireless Thermostat can serve as the master thermostat over the HVAC system; just press and hold the Master button, wait for the beep and release. When "Master" appears below the large temperature display, Wireless Thermostat is now the primary thermostat. Temperatures from the linked INSTEON Thermostat, Wireless Thermostat and/or Waterproof Temperature Sensor are displayed in smaller digits centered above the main temperature display in positions 2 and 3, with the master thermostat featuring "Master" below its temperature reading. The display information updates every time the temperature sensed changes by 2°. INSTEON Wireless Thermostat features a bright blue LED backlight for easy programming. By default, the backlight turns on when a button is pressed and turns off 10 seconds after button is released-this helps to conserve Wireless Thermostat's battery life. You can change this setting with the Program button to 60 seconds, always on or always off. If the INSTEON device you intend to control from the INSTEON Wireless Thermostat does not receive RF signals (i.e., it's powerline only), you will need at least one dual-band INSTEON device to convert the RF signals to powerline signals.

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