SwitchLinc Dimmer - INSTEON (Dual-Band) Remote Control Dimmer High Wattage (2477DH)

$ 79.99

Similar in appearance to the SwitchLinc 2477D but controls up to 1,000 watts.


  • Same features as the SwitchLinc Dimmer, Dual-Band (#2477D), but controls up to 1,000 watts for larger loads
  • Remotely control this dimmer from anywhere
  • Programmable on-level and fade on/off speed
  • Dual-band INSTEON technology for the fastest and most reliable performance- doubles as an Access Point
  • Supports 100-277V 50 or 60 Hertz AC electricity

Essential Info

This attractive, easy to use dimmer gives you the ability to set the speed at which the light fades On and Off. A preset on-level always remembers your favorite brightness level and you can be remotely control the dimmer from any INSTEON controller (controllers are sold separately). Create your own home of the future with high-end quality, at-a-glance LED status and remote controllability. This SwitchLinc dimmer installs like a traditional wall switch, but requires a connection to a neutral wire. Most homes have a neutral wire available (see How to check if I have neutral wires?). If you do not have a neutral wire available, use the SwitchLinc 2-Wire Dimmer. Once installed setup is quick and easy using simple programming.

Scene Lighting This SwitchLinc Dimmer can be a member of more than 400 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.). Scenes allow you to control multiple lights, rooms or even the whole home with a single command. This elegant feature is usually found only in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. All member lights can ramp to your independently desired brightness levels at your chosen ramp rate(s). One set of lights can dim slowly, while another set turns off instantly, all controlled with one command from one button. Use the INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer if you want to control multiple scenes from one controller.

This dimmer can be used with dimmable LED bulbs to help you save even more energy. While performance may vary between manufacturers, tests have found that Sylvania Ultra LED dimmable bulbs offer great performance with a wide and smooth dimming range.



Manufacturer Product No.: 2477DH, INSTEON SwitchLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band), High Wattage

UPC: White - 2477DH: 813922011005 

Warranty: 2 years, limited


On-Levels: 32 locally, increments of 1% with software

Ramp Rates (full-ON to full-OFF): 0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely

LED Indicator: 9 White LEDs, Optional Green, Blue, Amber, or Red with #2400L kit

Operation Modes: INSTEON only, X10 only, INSTEON and X10 Combo Mode

Combo Mode Message Order: INSTEON, INSTEON cleanup, X10

Multi-Way Circuit Support: One SwitchLinc Dimmer controls load, Cross-Link any number of SwitchLinc Dimmers or other INSTEON Controllers

Setup Memory: Non-volatile EEPROM

INSTEON Features

INSTEON Addresses: 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible

INSTEON Links: 417

INSTEON Power line Frequency: 131.65 KHz

INSTEON Minimum Transmit Level:3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms 

INSTEON Minimum Receive Level:10 mV

INSTEON Messages Repeated:Yes

Radio Frequency:915 MHz

Ramp Rates (full-ON to full-OFF):0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely via software


Paddle Type: True rocker action

Color: White installed; Optional Ivory, Black, Brown, Almond, or Gray with color change kit

Wire Nuts: 4 included

Mounting: Mounts in single or multiple-ganged junction box. Control 200 W less load for each immediately adjacent SwitchLinc Dimmer installed. For example, 1000 W load control becomes 600 W with another dimmer to the immediate right or left. Use a triple-gang box with a mechanical switch in the center to avoid de-rating.

Operating Conditions: Indoors, 32 to 104° F, up to 85% relative humidity

Dimensions: 4.1" H x 1.8" W x 1.2" D

Weight: 3.8 oz


Supply Voltage: 100-277 Volts AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hertz, single phase

Neutral Wire: Required

Power Wire Leads: 6", 16 AWG, stranded, 600V, 105°C insulation, ends stripped and tinned, LINE (black), LOAD (red), NEUTRAL (white)

Maximum Amps: 8 amps

Ground Lead: 6", 18 AWG, stranded, bare copper

Load Types: Wired-in incandescent lighting devices

Maximum Load: 1000 Watts

Power Consumption: 0.56 Watts

Certification: Safety tested for use in USA and Canada (ETL #3017581)

X10 Features (applies to power line only)

X10 Primary Address: 1 optional (comes unassigned)

X10 Scene Address: 255 possible

X10 Status Response: Supported

X10 Resume Dim: Supported (by setting Local On-Level to zero)

X10 Power line Frequency: 120 KHz

X10 Minimum Transmit Level:3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms

X10 Minimum Receive Level: 20mV into 5 Ohms

X10 Messages Repeated: No

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