Z-Wave Plus Multi-Level Wall Dimmer Switch WD100

$ 38.99

ZWP Model # WD100


Works with incandescent lamps and dimmable florescent/LED lighting

7 LEDs to indicate ON/OFF/Dimming level status

Fits standard wall plate, user replaceable keypad to match colors

  • Air gap switch for safe and easy replacement of keypad


Over-The-Air firmware upgrade supported with Z-Wave™ static controller, PC and software

  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
  • Powered by Sigma Description·

Design 500 Series module inside

  • Internal resettable fuse to protect from surge current
  • Functions as a Z-Wave™ signal repeater

See our PD-100 plug-in dimmer that works with most AC powered lamps with incandescent and dimmable fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs. 


Parameter                                    Min      Nom     Max    Unit

Operating Temperature                    0                     40       °C

Storage Temperature                      -20                   60       °C

Storage Humidity                                                     80       %

Electrical Ratings

Input Voltage                                  108       120       132    Volts

Input Frequency                             57         60         62       Hz

Maximum Output Load   Incandescent(600W, single gang),
                                        CFL/LED (150W)                                            

Fuse                                                  5                             Amps

Dimmer conduction angle

at max fully on position                   80                     90       %

Z-Wave™ Frequency for USA        -0.025   908.42  +0.025   Mhz

Wireless Range (controller & repeater)

at open air, 1 meters high, LOS                 100                   ft

Modulation                                           FSK

Tx Power from IC setting                              -1                 dbm

Rx Sensitivity                                              -102               dbm

At 40kps                                                       -98                dbm

Standby current                                            25                mA

Mechanical Parameters

Dimensions:  Body: 2.8"x1.71"x1.41" Yoke: 4.13"x2.13"x.076" Inches

Wire Terminals:  Line, Load, Traveler,Neutral

Minimum Hole for Wire:   #10 AWG

Wire Type:   Copper Only

Clamp Parts:   Copper or plated aluminum

Primary Color:  Munsell N9 Apple White

Body Material:  GE Pplastic,lexan Resin 940


FCC and Industry Canada: X

UL Listed, US Canada:  X

Z-Wave™ Plus Certified: X

Special Feature: Traveler connection is protected against improper hookup to line, load, ground, neutral.


Mounting Screws:   Qty 2

Instruction Manual:  Qty 1


The WD-100 In-wall Multi-Level Dimmer works with incandescent, dimmable LED lighting or dimmable fluorescent (CFL) lighting. - See more at: http://www.zwaveproducts.com/shop/z-wave-lighting/dimmer-switches/z-wave-plus-multi-level-dimmer-switch#sthash.CAe1ZYhG.dpuf
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