August 27, 2019

Hotel/Motel Automation

Inns of all sizes can now attain significant energy cost savings while providing an elevated guest experience.  Innkeepers can remotely control heating, air conditioning, window coverings, lighting and other electrical devices from their office or mobile device.

Turn off HVAC Units in unoccupied rooms with 1480 Controllers from

Energy costs represent a substantial percentage of the overall operating cost of any guest house.  Turning off lights, heating and air conditioning and opening or closing window coverings in unoccupied rooms can make a dramatic impact on these expenses but going from room to room is inefficient and time consuming. 

Automation can also add an enhanced degree of luxury to guest rooms through lighting scenes and automated draperies that open or close at the touch of a button.  These welcoming effects can be initiated from the reception desk or occupancy sensors when the guest enters the room.

Hotel operations is another source of potential savings by turning off electrically operated equipment and lighting devices when not in use.  Water leak, smoke and CO detectors can provide early centralized warning so the problems can be addressed before safety issues or major damage results.

Insteon automation technology, enormously popular for single family homes, is also being used by lodging establishments to save money by eliminating wasted energy while improving guest convenience and experience.

Insteon is well suited to hotel/motel automation for several reasons.  

Cost  Insteon technology is relatively inexpensive compared to other systems often used in commercial automation projects.  Insteon devices can be added incrementally so additional functionality can be installed as the capital budget permits. 

Probably the most significant savings is the result of low installation and maintenance cost.  Because Insteon devices were developed for do-it-yourself installation, no special training, certification or service contracts are required.  The system can be installed and maintained by your own maintenance personnel.  Insteon automation also uses existing building wiring and switch locations.  There are no new wires to run and no disruption to normal hotel operations or occupancy.

Reliability  Insteon devices use "Dual Band"  Peer-to-Peer communication.  This means Insteon commands are sent simultaneously over both RF (radio frequency) and the building's electrical wiring (Single Phase or 3-Phase) without any complicated hierarchy, routers or administrative devices.  If the signal is impaired over one path, the command will probably still get through on the other.  Dependability is further enhanced through error detection re-transmission.  All Insteon devices also repeat all Insteon commands to further extend range and reliability.

 Scalability  Every Insteon device receives it's own unique identifier when manufactured.  This provides a virtually unlimited ability to expand the network.  Since all devices repeat all commands on both RF and power line, more devices means even more reliability.

Usability  Insteon offers a variety of user interfaces from keypad wall switches for guest rooms to browser interfaces or Android and iOS Apps for hotel staff.  Insteon is even supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control. 

Versitility  Insteon control is available for a broad range of application including guest room lights, HVAC, draperies, and occupancy/motion sensing. Other applications include heavy duty loads (e.g. water heaters, swimming pools, spas, laundry equipment, etc.), centralized lighting control for lobbies and common areas, dining and meeting rooms, outdoor lighting and signage.

Innovative Home Systems provides the knowledge and equipment needed to make reduce costs and delight your guests.  If you would like more information about how Insteon automation can help any lodging establishment, large or small, to modernize, save money and enhance guest perceptions please contact us.

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