December 12, 2017

INSTEON Water Shutoff Valve Questions

The most common question we receive concerning INSTEON Water Shutoff Valves is, "My valve starts to open then immediately closes again.  I can't get my water to stay on.  Do I have a bad valve or is the I/OLinc defective?"

In almost all cases, both the valve and the I/OLinc are both working fine.  The problem is only an incorrectly set Output Relay Mode option.  The  Model 2450 I/OLinc has 4 Output Relay modes, (Latching, Momentary A, Momentary B, & Momentary C).  The default setting is Latching, however, the mode can be inadvertently changed by pressing & holding the SET button on the side of the I/OLinc for more than 3 seconds, 3 consecutive times, within a 4 minute window.  If the I/OLinc has been reset to a Momentary option, the valve will open and immediately close again, (or start to close and immediately open again depending on how the valve is wired to the I/OLinc).
This issue is not isolated to only water valves.  Any low voltage application that uses the I/OLinc can display similar characteristics (e.g. curtains, gas fireplaces, etc.) There are three common ways to restore your I/OLinc to the Latching Mode:
  1. Perform a Factory Reset by unplugging the I/OLinc, wait 5 seconds, press and hold the SET button, plug the I/OLinc back into the outlet, continue to hold the Set button until the long beep stops, Release the Set Button. Warning: This procedure will erase any linking information in the I/OLinc and will need to be relinked.
  2. Or if you are using an INSTEON HUB, open the App and select the I/OLinc.  Open Settings and change the Output Relay Mode option to Latching, then Save your settings.
  3. Or press the SET button on the side of the I/OLinc for 3 seconds until it beeps (Status LED will begin blinking).  Press the SET button a second time for 3 seconds until it beeps again (Status LED will continue blinking).  Press the SET button a third time for 3 seconds until it beeps again (Status LED will stop blinking and turn on solid). The Output Relay option will rotate to the next mode (e.g Momentary A to Momentary B)  Test for proper operation.  If the Output Relay is still not Latching, repeat the procedure to rotate to the next mode, (i.e.Momentary C to Latching).
Tip:  To avoid inadvertently changing the Output Relay option, exercise caution when operating the valve by pressing the SET button. Tap the SET button to operate the relay.  Do not press and hold.  If you accidentally enter the Configuration Mode (Status LED blinking), do not attempt any further SET button presses.  The module will time out of the Configuration Mode in about 4 minutes (Status LED stops blinking) and return to normal operation.

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