November 01, 2017

Insteon Leak Sensor Information

We often receive questions concerning Insteon Leak Sensor operation like "My leak sensor isn't working" or "My leak sensor working once but now it isn't working". Very often, the problem can be resolved by simply tapping the leak sensor's Set button.  This is because the the leak sensor has already been triggered. This may have occurred while testing or it may have occurred by coming in contact with a damp hand or other electrically conductive surface.  When the sensor is triggered it sends out a single WET command to linked Responder(s) or Insteon controller and will stay in that condition until it is reset by tapping the Set button.  No additional commands will be sent until the Leak Sensor has been reset.

If you are using the Leak Sensor with an Insteon Hub, the Insteon app will indicate the following:

Red - Wet

White - Dry

Amber - No Communication Received

The amber indication will display if the Leak Sensor's heartbeat signal has not received by the Hub for over the previous 24 hours.

Finally, if you are using your Leak Sensor to automatically shut off the water using one of our Insteon water shutoff valves, linking can be accomplished in a couple ways:

1. Create a Scene in the Insteon Hub using the Leak Sensor(s) as Controllers and the I/OLinc associated with the valve as a Responder.

2. Link the Leak Sensor(s) directly to the I/OLinc associated with the valve.

We generally recommend the later.  You can still link the Leak Sensor(s) to the Hub for monitoring and notification, but also linking them directly to the I/OLinc is more reliable.  The Leak Sensors will still turn the water off even if the Hub fails or it's Internet connection is lost.

By the way, unlike other valves on the market, our water shutoff valves provide feedback to your automation controller to let you know when the valve has reached the fully closed position.  No more wondering if the valve is really closed!



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